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Straza Grip

If his west bank is their west bank, then that is not what they desire. if he doesnt get his west bank back, he's going to set the place on fire. the gaza strip won't mean shit, buried under rubble after one to many bombs have hit. this could be an example of divinity gone wrong. all they've ever seen is mindless violence, bombing in the streets but the skies stay silent. not a little peep to be heard. no more prophets to spread the word. but if they were around this time, this town. we'd probably pop them in a padded cell and hose them down. there must be more than one, who's flown over the cuckoo's nest. the placards on the corner, reading that vulgar protest. teach it to the kids, what can you expect other than another generation of abominations, who think the same as their misinformed and misguided creators. who inturn were taught all this shit by the hate filled hearts that raised them up. poured from the jug straight into the cup. 


Boom Fire

When the jokers in whitehall cover up their blatant lies. there's nothing quite like fear to shape and concentrate the mind. so if you're part of broken britain go and grab yourself a bat. start repeatdly beating on every second home or flat of every sinister minister, spreading sinister schemes. all while instinctively extinguishing the raging fires of our dreams. so hop, skip, jump to the march, we should be in a place of control but over 35% of us have chosen not to vote. so how can you stand there, wasting gas, talking trash. ruining someone elses cigarette break the cycle, repeat to stay the same. fix up now, there's a fire in the living room. it's like a bombs gone off inside our brains but by now we're so disaffected that we try to change the channel or fuck around with the thermostat. nothing's ever going to change the whole time we're content to keep it the same. you've got to wake up before the smoke inhalation gets up inside you. e it turns grabs your lungs. you have to see the smoke before it comes. tell me now, havent you ever heard that it's true you have to fix the local matters befor into tatters on wider scale. the problems in the town predict problems in the world. we know that it's been so wrong before, we know that it's hard to right. we know that it tooks so long and we know that it's hard to give up the fight. there's a fire in our living room. 


The Drop

Ratatatat as the gun fires back, the vacant stare signals the end of that. the battle that has been blown wide open and the time for grieving has passed. so i guess they do their best to keep soldiering on and they pour their heart after the blast of a bomb they are the rebels, the allies, the unmarked graves there's no time for heroes in this town. when they drop the rhythm, cant stop the killing. you've got to keep your head screwed on or risk it getting blown off. alone and so far from home. as the night lights, flash! illuminating the crash of another hundred souls that are never going to come back. shielding their eyes from the dust in the bunker. doesn't it make you wonder how they keep on rolling with their heads held high. even though they know the likelihood is that the're going to die. they are the sister, the brothers, the long lost lovers. there's no time for heroes in this town. 


People Problems

Ryan feels irrelevant, while lucy chases that habit. johnny wants to be good, hayley wants to stop. jen just wants to get on with it. we're not naive enough to think we've got it all worked out. we cant really on ourselves or anyone else. so as you sit and contemplate the kind of skill sets that you think it's going to take. to trigger the kind of action, i've been burning those distractions now that i'm getting older the demons are grabbing a hold of my shoulder, to shoulder. we should stand together as the weather gets colder. somebody could have told her that there's more to this planet than picking up the panic and running away. matt was feeling fed up, while suzi's had enough of being called a slut so many times. it's really getting on her life lines. she'd made that pact with ella, said she couldn’t go on with out her, there's no need to cry. she wrote it in her own rhyme. it was suzi's sibling simon, that finally shone the light on his sisters untimely demise. such a tragic waste of life. she'd only just begun to understand what it all could mean. she was barely even given a chance. she was only 15. 



Now i'm definitely ready to dash. jump up and out out in a flash. just give me a second, hold back. i almost forgot my stash. that would be bad on a road trip like this one, if we're going to get down i best get rolling up! now i'm kicking in the back with a fat one. passing it to Jim on my left son, Matt's crashed out he don't want none. tree house fire stuck on the m1, burning up a whole heap of diesel. turning up into the town and playing for 10 people, you can by the look on our faces we like what we do and the music we make. what ever you do thats going to pick you up out from that rat race, try and save your face and then guide you through. there's got to be something in life thats able to make you smile! what ever you do. as the bubble of boredom begins to pop and there's still a couple hours on the clock. what does your mind flick forward to? you've got to have a little passion inside of you. it could be buried deep down underneath this mess, that you've piled right up and rested on your chest. makes breathing so hard at best. now i think it's about time to make the load light, as we jump into the van for a good night. setting up things it feels right being allowed to chat fire, spit shit on the mic. everything's complacent when it's easy. it's got to be a little out of reach to please me. like a joke i'm broke but i'm coasting along, still having fun. 


Suburban Gangster

I bet there's times in your life when you think that you could be just about gangster enough, to be cotching out front under the porch sipping back on gin and juice, with your boys in the hood, you know you roll it right. or failing that, you will at least break sweat, under the pressure of your misplaces ego, or that big bit of bling. boomting. i know you're trying to rock the suburbs and shake the leaves from the trees to cover your white picket fences up. now you've gone and got your guard up. typical suburban gangster, hailing from the right side of the tracks doing your best prove to your friends you're a ruff neck. my mother tried to raise me right, instilled with belief and respect for the community that we are a part of,  but i dont see it when i look in your eyes. big surprise. seeing as you're more than happy to smash up a one-stop, just to get a thumbs up from all your rasclart bloodclots. you've got to earn your respect, you dont get it for carrying a tool. keep it calm and cool your jets or else you know you’re gonna get wrecked. forget your cousins in Kingston, or your bloods in Brixton town, I don’t give flip about your crews from Croydon or the way you spray your talentless tags around this town, you know that one day soon you’re gonna wise up and see the error of your ways, no matter how good a bad reputation can be, is it worth getting yourself locked away.if cant think for yourself then think of your family and all the hard work that they put in to you at the beginning before you drag their name through the dirt, think how much that pain’s gonna hurt when they see you restrained by the long arm of the law and what more, you could be the body bag that they’re gonna be staring at down at the morgue.


Great Ocean Road

You go 11 hours forward on a 2 plane track. when i see your face i feel a heart attack, coming up and rising higher until my line runs flat. then the break of the wave brings me back. so lets get back to this great ocean road, we cant let this wind dictate what direction we should travel. you pick the time and i'll pick the pace just make sure you're dressed smart. you are looking so fine i'm screaming fire! fire! somebody better call 999 and warm them from the start. you're about to make me explode. so now i pinch myself and make sure that i'm not wasting my time listening to your one liners. you've made it sound so attractive like being smacked in the back of the head with a 10 ton mattress. this sleep hits me harder than a hammer thrust at feel speed but still i'm stuck in this slumber. just another number waiting to wake up. so now i'm wondering and waiting why we have stopped here, this section of landscape ain't looking so clear from my view, inside this re-enforced windowpane. and the fact we're on an active runway. so lets get back to this longhaul dilemma. lift ourselves into the sky and fly so high over the horros of landslides. you press the button and i'll set the course that will send us on our way. we could be looking at a brand new sunset by the end of today. so somebody better call our loved ones and tell them that we're gone. we're about to take off.


Stack It Up High

As they roll out to ruck and call their friends up, they're meeting on the corner and they don't give a fuck. they're looking for their kicks and itching to get their fix. i see it in their eyes. try to light the sky tonight. it's all kicking off in the shop to the left. window drops no sign of the feds. so get on the phone and don't let go until they get a van. i see them stack it up high. we all float in the same boat son, so why would you insist on drilling holes until we've sunk? the waters creeping in. we all wait for the same fate bruv, there's got to be better ways to get things done. the waters creeping in. like wild fire, it burns to the furthest ends. in this glow it's hard to know who is your friends. lock up the doors and get them shutter down tight. they're going to light it up tonight. we're forced to wait for the same fate bruv. there's got to be better ways



Kicking It Old School

Dont you know that these bones might bend and break, but my resolve would stay the same. your best of to put down the feelings you picked up and press on with leaving. i cant decipher your signs. you're more mixed up than you were when we started, now i'm getting tired, like my brains on fire. cant we wait 5 minutes more, then we can talk about it. i've been going over the reasons you gave me when you were leaving that day, how can you expect me to believe when i taught you how to lie? i'm going to pack my bags, i'm going away for a long time. i hope you wash your mouth out before i see you again. i'm going to get up on my two feet and walk so far away from here. i hope you wash your mouth out before i see you again. i've got a dry mouth and a pair a billion pieces. i recognise all the signs. but when i try to of hands that shake. i'm a fire burning rage, so you're best off to clear out before i explode into leave, my heart feels so weak as i walk through the door and onto the street. i guess i could wait a bit more till i go out and face the sunlight. i've been going all night, i'm not sure i'm ready for the world just yet. can someone let me in please? i left my weed under the table. i dont need this tonight




If i take it back tonight then you could be by my side, instead of four steps ahead of me. i know i'm drunk but i can just about see you shake it, move it, make it even in my haggard and fragile mind. i guess i got scared that we opened up but that is no excuse to ruin and waste your night, because you're so sound and so sweet. everything i didnt know i was missing. i bet if i took a look inside your soul i would get a good tan from your sunny disposition. your touch, your taste. sometimes i get carried away. you've got me bouncing off the ceiling, loving up the feeling. all the thoughts i'm thinking and this song i'm singing for you. living it up, you've got me girl, i'm feeling so excited. suffering from porridge brain, i can't tell left from right. now i'm stumbling around inside your heart shaped box. i've got a lot of love, let me show you what i've got as the waves come crashing and rolling in. i have to stop and pinch myself. because you're fit as fuck, you make me smile, you have a great sense of humour i just wish you'd stuck around. so sound, so sweet. everything that currently i'm now missing. i bet if you took a look inside my heart of cond, enjoying every minute. hearts, you'd know that it's you i always want to be with. you've got me loving every se not even paying attention to the hours that go flying by. given the chance i'd do this night after night

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