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Hats off to the one that composed it, sat there and wrote it. Taking the time and effort, hoping that somebody noticed each little sound. It's that sample, that silence, that frequency. The background white noise, frontline snare choice. Hear it upon the record and it transports me back to times when i was barely getting by so I sing. sound can shape a life. Music makes our day. These words they resonate. I’m a vulture, for reggae music, more culture, I love the calls and the answer, I live for and breathe for the sounds and the shows and the fans and the bands and the grooves they propose. Remember that wherever you’ve been and wherever you go, music links us all, music’s food for the soul.

Dutty Girl
Dutty girl make you move and wind. First she’ll clear out your wallet then mash up your mind. So I hear it again how she bothered my friend about the time he’s spending round these ends. Wait til she kick off, a proper power surge and then she’ll black out in the fall and threaten to leave it all. She won’t be made a fool of any more. Listening to the girl complain again it’s like storm clouds rolling in. never going to settle any of these bitter sentiments, it’s like storm clouds rolling in. ever do you wonder why you hold her tight? Is it for fear of being cold at night?


Quiero cantar una nueva cancion pero tu no quieres escucharme. esta saltando la cerca. esta saltando. what am i supposed to do when the feeling's overdue. wanting to see you laying by my side one more night, what a fool. tell me what did you expect when you bumped into this wreck and decided to spend time with his kind what a fool. we've been over the same ground so many times that i've gone over my footsteps more than a thousand times. we've been over and over the same old script and i refuse to rehearse my lines. been playing this waiting game for too long, i don't feel strong. i've lost all of the energy i had when i was young. the one thing i'd regret still hasn't happened yet. i'm hoping i'll rely on my mind. i am set, get ready for failure. i refuse to believe that's right. i've gone over my options more than a million times. when i get caught in your headlights i freeze like an ice cube when i look into your eyes. I’m paralysed lost for words but in my mind I can see clearly through all the stories and the lies I’ve heard a thousand times, no my mind won’t go no more. Every day’s another war. In this haze I’m confused and I’m amazed to be standing here, staring into space holding out for days, searching for a better place. No more.

We feel the burn as we float right past the sun.
crossed wires are making me tired. it’s hard to settle when there’s so much happening. Round here used to be so clear but the mist we’ve created, it turns to hatred. Bubbling rage so concentrated that it bursts my heart. I can’t deny the rush I feel as I’m thrust to the start. I don’t want a second try and I don’t want you on my mind. Getting you out was hard enough, I couldn’t deal with the battlefield again in this life. Every day is just another war and I can’t recall what we’re fighting for. I think it’s time you know, I don’t want you here, you’re wearing me down. Killing me so softly. Where did all of the love and the good times go? My head is spinning so leave me alone. We tread lightly, stepping over egg shells, land-mines and broken glass. I’m scared to ask about your time for fear of getting hit with the verbal shrapnel. Backs against the wall and were running out of all this time. It’s natural, no one wants to fall but were stepping out over that line. I don’t want a second chance, can’t deal with that longing glance.

Beard Trimmer Dub
Try to keep it moving but the timing’s never right, so we dance rock steady til the daylight shines. Our eyes this time are hidden by disguises. The howling winds are crashing through the trees and the smoke is blowing over from the burning leaves, choking me til i can't breathe and I can't see. just give me some time.

Mr Aggressor
Hey mr aggressor, tell me why you press up your fists on us? we don't want no fuss and we don't want no fight tonight. It’s all about them good vibes. hey mr aggressor, tell me that you don't feel it too? we don't want no fuss and we don't want no fight tonight, all about them good vibes. you're coming in strong with your right and your left. feet move fast as you puff out your chest. find yourself thinking that you are the best and you're dressed to impress. the problem is there's something missing from your brain. i don't think it's right to take pleasure in the pain of your fellow man, woman, child, creature the same. you're more than a little deranged.
creeping up you can feel it. rising high best believe it. that's the fire in your belly, been there since the start and it's not going to stop until you're behind them bars. leave your family weeping again. don't you think they've been through enough pain? how can you burden their shoulders with all of this excess strain? hey mister, put your fists up and explain to your kids why they've missed you. tell your mother how her son took another man’s life. what about his wife and children? could you be living with that guilt man? i don't understand your logic if you're saying that you can man. there's got to be more to you than this fury, only a matter time until you face that jury. i don't want to see another broken home because i know how it hurts. so surely you have got to be man enough to tackle your problems and fix up your faults. take this as a wakeup call.


He Who Shouts Loudest
So you’ll solve it with a long talk? You don’t need a long talk. Just a long walk off a short plank, a sure fire way to convey our disgust at being left in the dust, just us, no one to ask all while we’re staring at the stars. They seem to defeat me as I freeze and blend into the scenery, with eyes closed and fists clenched tight. Hope this time we will be right. How can it be right when the wrong has the power? Counting down the seconds like you’re not going to last the hour. It’s madness can’t we dismiss this ridiculous notion of violence. How can you call it right when the wrong’s got the power? How can you call it right when the people don’t matter? If I hear that bomb ‘boom boom’ in the distance how can I react with surprise at this system? All of us saw it coming but none of us started running. We’re numb from the brain down, same in the next town. Tends not to matter even when we stick together, there was nearly a million people 7 months before September but they stuffed their voice back inside their mouths. Taped up the lips and made them watch as it all went down. Picking upon the poor like people don’t matter. And it’s their mess we’re left in from their investing. Wage another war like people don’t matter. And now we’re tired of all this, we’re constantly treading water. Before we’ve gone too deep and things are getting out of reach we need to find our peace. Find out what we’re fighting for, tell them this is not my war!


Hold On Tight
When i open your door the first thing i notice is that smell and it's drawing me in. you look like you got out the shower as those crystals dripping off your body be glistening. let's get back to the room and let me wrap you up in these sheets. can't think of a place i'd rather be. let's get back to the room and let me let you hold me all night. i need a break away, maybe it's time to roll. i don't know why but the loved up mind is mashing up my soul. i'll put you on that pedestal one more time, all you've got to do is hold on tight. you keep me content with the silence, i have no desire to move. if we are to get past this junction you know that there's work to do. once upon a time you and i used to be in the best of moods but i can't help feel you cloud up my judgement inside of this smoky room. my will power breaks when i see your face i have nowhere to run. time flies on occasions that you keep me company, as sure as the setting sun. so let's keep carrying on as long as it's still feeling alright. burning so bright. i'll give you that reason if you just pass what's burning through your heart. one spark.


Pause & Rewind
We've got too much promise inside of us. we must not shy away from the problems that arise on an everyday basis. fellow humans in a never ending struggle with a faceless enemy. its dark territory for our legacy who have yet to comprehend the severity of the situation we have neatly wrapped up. place on the doorstep, give it a quick light, ring the doorbell then hide. wait for their shoes to get covered in all our shit. as we retire to arm chairs and criticise how they're dealing with it. at the moment we'll know how to take care of it. hindsight's a bitch. you can't reverse the revolutions of this earth. you can't just pause and rewind. you can't take back, we're running full steam along this track. you can't just pause and rewind. we're constantly courting the edge of this ever growing sinkhole. we should know better than to throw ourselves down so low. how can we throw ourselves down so low? we're only making it harder to reach for the top. convincing minds that we're all for the chop non-stop onslaught as we size up the drop and give it all we've got. i still have faith in this place and all the positive steps we take. try to provide with the movement we make.

Gone are the Days
Gone are the days of our innocence. gone are the nights you spent living endlessly reckless. it all comes down to taking it for granted and passing up those chances. now you're not around to face the consequence. what about the people that you left behind, the emptiness in your families eyes? the hollow shuffle on and on it goes. it all comes down to taking it for granted and passing up those chances. it goes 'boom' like a clot to the brain, now you're instantly numb yet they're drowning in pain and there's nothing you can say to lift them from your grave. it can slice like a knife through the heart, you can't turn off the tap its flowed love from the start, except now there’s no cup to fill. just pictures in frames sat by that window.
you never had the option to sample a longer sort of life and i still wonder where you'd be now if you were among us here. it all comes down to an inquisitive spirit as life is a question and how you answer it can set the route. what about the thing that you will never try? it's turned into a wasted life. the hollow shuffle on and on it continuously goes until it all rolls round like taking it for granted and passing up those chances. now you're not around to face the consequence.


Never could he have known it would be so difficult. It’s all down to his mother’s faults. Her inability to take responsibility but she’s got no problem picking up the benefit money. 5th new lover in three months is under the cover, you can bet your life he’s not wearing a rubber. Neither were the other. It adds to the high chance of yet another kid in a short 9 months. In short that’s long for the one that she’s got. Turn the sound up to drown his cries, forget the fact she missed his dinner time for the third time this week. That’s weak. And he dare not open his mouth and speak because she said what she will do if he were to tell someone in school. It’s hard to comprehend just how that can feel. As the world keeps turning, injustice is burning. As another short film runs out of reel. and we can’t take this anymore. That 5th new lover turns out to be a pumped up nutter with a disregard for humanity. His sanity is ultimately lacking and it’s no surprise he’d raise his fists to a child. This childhood isn’t working out too good. The cracks already showing. Just like the bruises that get covered up to prevent other people from knowing just what goes on inside that house. Inside the evil that could dish this out. No love for people let alone their flesh and blood. Tell me where has the good gone. We see repeat in the making of another victim, got to open our eyes and open our minds to the truth of the system. Needless to say, it was always going to happen someday. Watch as that small life ebbs away. Fades into another cliché. As the police turned up and put the pair into cuffs. When faced with all that mistrust. The hate and all that disgust. Feeling powerless. And we can’t take this anymore, another life gets lost through that door, without love there’s no silver cloud, and still the cycle comes around. Never could they have known.

Every Cloud
Keep shining and heading for that silver lining. There’s something about a bright day that opens up our eyes the right way. Take in all the light rays. Observe the bigger picture without those blinkers on and keep the positivity strong as we head into the horizon. Keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get lost. We’ve got a steep climb and then have to deal with this before it falls to bits. I know it seems like an awful big struggle sometimes but cheating yourself out of hard work is an unforgivable crime. Don’t push things back because of the time that it will take. Those grains of sand will keep on dropping all the same. If we don’t try how can we ever hope to know that we’ve accomplished something in this life? Don’t hold yourself back. 1 for the effort then 2 can’t go wrong. 3 for the time spent, 4 for the fun. 5 for the lessons we learnt all along and 6 when the vibe is strong. As we stumble into the horizon. Keep our senses sharp as we avoid the dark. No time for surprises, a plan worked out precisely.

A little negativity spreads such a long way and can crumble the strongest of brains, so you better keep sane and keep moving on although your feet are wet through from all the pouring rain. just know you're going to feel low but the temperature is rising and the sun's on the horizon. you've got to have hope. you can't be getting upset that they are not getting back man, they've probably got their own plans and think you'll understand. they won't be counting on the sudden change of mood. nothing other than rude so roll up a joint and light, puff, that's a little better. given yourself a couple of minutes to think, get distracted by the weather and whether or not you decide to ride the storm/follow the guide/head for the shortcut. cut the nonsense, get some sense of self son, listen up. wait, take a couple of seconds to think and contemplate why it is they even bother to call you 'mate' when you can treat them like that. what happened to scratching backs? the time is past, you better think fast if you even want a slim chance of making it last. we're asking all the questions and learning all the lessons, making sure we're safe and sound again. you can never underestimate the power of the mind. given enough intelligent answers with some distance and time, it begins to fill the cracks and gets that love back once again. it's just hope that keeps us all going whenever we are feeling a little below, learning all the lessons and asking all the questions. making sure we're safe and sound again.


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