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This is a funny one it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. Take precaution making sure your patch is sorted and there’s always one shouting loud up in the sun claiming to know what is said and done. Time and space isolate we salute the superhumans staring straight into the face of this Dancehall clearer, spreading all the fear, taking time prioritise and realise what is dear to you. Keep in mind that you need to keep your mind in check.  Focus on the positive and what comes next? Satisfy your soul set another goal and always try to grow.



When I’m on my walk, allsorts of talk keeps bubbling up to the top and I find my mind is hard to unwind, shake from the shackles and break from the bind. It’s that little bit of light, it’s that thing that makes it right. We’re holed up, living in a bubble no focus, time to take back the control because it’s the one thing that will notice when it’s gone.


Get Loose

Move to the left, slide to the right, bring up your knees and jump for the sky. Even if you jiggle when you move it’s alright, everybody trying to live their best life. Run on the spot, bring your heart beat up, really doesn’t matter if you have to take a stop. Give me every second let me see just what you got, we bring the vibes non-stop. Get low, get loose, bring up the vibe and bring up the mood. Get low, get loose, leave out the noise and bad attitude.


Chase The Day 

A lack of movement outside, but this old house never felt more alive. In new space we thrive to perfect the art of not losing our minds. Try and let the downtime grow you up a little, the start and the end are held up by the middle, trying to keep your thoughts on course is the riddle, but my are we feeling so brittle. Waste away or chase the day, see life in colour or shades of grey, turn on our heads and hide away, or get back up and face the change.

Wash Ya Hands

Corona more like Cor-oh no thank you. we bring that isolation sounds to jam to. Popping off these rhymes like Covid start coughs, you best believe we don’t deceive these beats are picking non-stop. How many walks have you done today? If it’s more than one you know what I’ll say! No get back inside! Netflix plus the tiger king will take you on a wild ride. Wash your hands keep your distance. Socially connected but physically distant, 2 m away or consequences could be instant, or maybe there’s a couple of weeks to wait. You could not know you have it, spreading it round to all of your mates. Might as well assume you’ve got it and just stay still, occupy your time in mind by trying new skills. Limit the number of the times you find yourself standing in line around the corner from the store hoping to hold a little more. Be wise, sanitise, no high-fives.


How About We Act?

Actions speak louder than words and it’s like they’re not moving a muscle. They spent so long dancing around all the problems it’s harder and harder to trust them. There’s a shortage of supplies, fear in the eyes and the cold hard truth that there is little they can do on the new front line. Been run down over time and it’s a madness that we the people stand for this. We were told they were low skilled workers, now we know that the glue that holds this place together. We can treat them better, instead of a clap how about we act.


Ups and Downs

I know it’s crazy but it’s true, I can’t stop thinking about you. I know I shouldn’t but I do, it’s proper weird here without you. and I miss those simple things like given mates a hug or when I’m at the shops I don’t need the gloves. When I see my mum I don’t have to wait and worry if I am 2m away, or maybe pop to the pub when the Sun beats down. Go to the gig when I get to town,  all of these things in my life I took for granted. I just wish that I could wind back the clock, just to get stuck in traffic when I’m on the way into work. Something a little normal that I can call upon if my mind does spin. Now we need to try and make the best of a bad situation. I know it’s hard, don’t mean that it’s impossible. People conquer mountains but on the way will trip and fall. It’s all lost then found, ups and downs, round and round.


Space To Create

These are the places we learnt to speak, they are the places we found our feet. no matter if your metal or a garage MC, our minds aligned the first time that we heard that beat. We all need that space for creation, master the art passed through generations. Somewhere to belong sing songs with mates and dance the night away. Ever since I was little you could find me at a show, built bond is so strong those roots take hold, as I journey through life they still grow and to the venues that I owe. 


Climbing The Walls

This is all dragging on a little bit. by now I was sure we would have more of an idea but as the clock ticks on things are getting less clear so now I’ll try and take the time to reflect work on little issues and large imperfections. Probably won’t make a dent that is true but there’s not a lot else to do. I’ve been climbing the walls & pacing the floors. But now I’ll take back what’s mine, try and focus my time. As the days roll into one, I lose myself to the setting sun. 


Something in the Water

I think there is something in the water. take care of what you swallow. I think there is something in the water. be careful who you follow. Walking through life in a haze, it’s been going on for too many days. I feel I’m trapped inside a maze, stuck inside the same four walls I can feel my brain begin to take a tumble. Oh yes yes, we are staring at a mess and now we left to guess which path will treat us best. so stay alert, be vigilant even though the photo we fight is invisible. Ding ding, next round until the walls come falling down. 


Hire A Clown

If you hire a clown, expect a circus. look out for themselves and down on the workers. Selling the seeds of doubt to the willing, they know that they’re making a killing. I remember a time when things were less than fine but we could still hold the suits to account for the mess they made. take me back to the day when it was done in a simple way, back then they had to try to deceive but now they barefaced lie and some still believe it. The bungles are blatantly spouting their noise, mixed messages wrapped up in slogans of choice. Putting the decision on the population shoulders, no responsibility they cloud up what they told us. 


Doing His Best

He’s doing his best. that’s the kind of thing you wanna hear about your kids football team,not the kind of thing you ideally want to hear people talk about your PM, but it is what it is, do what he says and not what his mates did. Some are more equal than others, some stuck indoors while some drive hundred miles to their mothers. Started out as a big plan year, then suddenly it got wiped clear. Still keeping my distance and washing my hands, cough in my elbow and zoom call my family. Moments I’ve lost and moments I’ve made lockdown limbo living in a haze. The seconds they turn into minutes and minutes to hours and hours to days. The days to weeks and weeks to months, the month stack up inside my brain. Insane feel a little better when I let it drain. Starting the engine it rumbles to life again putting the front up I’m right as rain. He’s doing his best. That’s the kind of thing you wanna hear about your kids football team. Not the kind of thing you ideally want to hear people talk about your PM. Wriggled out of questions made that mess then passed to the rest. One rule for them and then one for us I guess.


Shoulder To Shoulder

I understand that I’ll never fully understand, so I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder hoping we can change that status quo. You say there isn’t a problem because it hasn’t affected you? Just think for a second if it did then I reckon you’d be hoping someone stood up with you. it’s not a matter of opinion, no matter how you spin them it shouldn’t be about sides, how can anybody win when some of us are systematically drag down because of the colour of their skin? What kind of world do you want to live in.


Lockdown Loco

lockdown loco living life lockdown loco. I’ve lost my mind a couple of three times but I still find the time to unwind. but breaking out the bottle, revving harder on the throttle every day is taking its toll. I’ve got to challenge myself, stretch out my legs. mental health is wealth and now I’m running on drugs. I’ll attempt to refuel trying tasks that are new, i’ve said it a couple of times there’s not a lot else to do. It’s easy to slip, when there is nothing to break your fall. struggle to find the our footing and hope that someone hears the call. but then the world comes back with a bang and the noise is so loud that it makes you prang and before you hit the floor you hear the calling from the door and you snap right back to the place you were in once more.

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