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Major Rocket

Now i'm definitely ready to dash. jump up and out out in a flash. just give me a second, hold back. i almost forgot my stash. that would be bad on a road trip like this one, if we're going to get down i best get rolling up! now i'm kicking in the back with a fat one. passing it to jim on my left, Rosher’s wide awake and now he wants some. Tree House Fire stuck on the m1, burning up a whole heap of diesel. turning up into the town and playing for 10 people, you can by the look on our faces we like what we do and the music we make. what ever you do thats going to pick you up out from that rat race, try and save your face and then guide you through. there's got to be something in life thats able to make you smile! what ever you do. as the bubble of boredom begins to pop and there's still a couple hours on the clock. what does your mind flick forward to? you've got to have a little passion inside of you. it could be buried deep down underneath this mess, that you've piled right up and rested on your chest. makes breathing so hard at best. now i think it's about time to make the load light, as we jump into the van for a good night. setting up things it feels right being allowed to chat fire, spit shit on the mic. everything's complacent when it's easy. it's got to be a little out of reach to please me. like a joke i'm broke but i'm coasting along, still having fun. 

Coming In Hot

If we move like we’re coming in hot, we got a better chance of catching them cold. if we’re precious with the seconds that we’ve got. They’ll be worth more than gold. If we give up on the fight in the present then will be looking at a future less than bright. if we suffocate the life that we are living in would you be happy to say you turned out the light? when they want the truth then how are you going to choose who it is who explains this to the youth? concerned that we set off the alarm kept ourselves calm with the elephant in the room. we’re not talking with the tongue of Mr Attenborough, there ain’t no love to be lost around here. we’re just hoping for the souls of a bad tomorrow, ill-equipped and feeling no fear but they still feel love, educated to the state made to work until they break, they can still feel love.

If they succeed in stripping away our unities another piece of me will cease to be. why can’t we see that we are barely holding on by the tips of our fingers, while the hatred lingers on and on?Over and out, bunkering down for another hard stretch. wondering how we let ourselves down again. If we paper up the cracks is a barrier between ourselves and the things we want to hide, then a  time will come when the damage far gone, we’ll be forced to swallow up some pride. it wouldn’t matter too much if we could get a grip and stop repeating old mistakes, we’re never far from falling head along next to the old ghost trying to tempt us face-to-face. so next time that you’re tied up social, try to remember that we’re all still learning life and like a rocket if we drop it will be totalled. No hold as we are balancing on the knife. feel slick and pick the right move, no point in rushing if you don’t know what to do. keep calm put your pressure on the shelf, trust in yourself, let your rhythm find the mood.

What Matters Most

Time disappears quicker than I care to be reminded, I’ve been stuck singing the same old sentiment. A lack of vision led my feet to wet cement. Should I just change or struggle with the tide and maintain. Or plot a new pass to try each way. what matters most is how you walk through the fire, still standing head held higher. still learning the burning desire at heart. don’t hesitate or move slow, if we blink we might miss the moment and it will be over before we know it. again we spent too long in pursuit of possessions, made our bed and learn through the lessons and still have all the questions when all we called for was answers, half chances. no more wait for progress, I don’t have half the patience required to float and hope for success. I think I’d rather know that I tried so even if I fall well short, when I get up I’ll be standing tall. there is no shame in a draw well thought, no shame at all. if we keep repeating all the errors that we make how are we going to find a better place? if we keep neglecting all the people that are in need how we going to sit back and watch is the world bleeds?

Stack It Up High

As they roll out to ruck and call their friends up, they're meeting on the corner and they don't give a fuck. they're looking for their kicks and itching to get their fix. i see it in their eyes. try to light the sky tonight. it's all kicking off in the shop to the left. window drops no sign of the feds. so get on the phone and don't let go until they get a van. i see them stack it up high. we all float in the same boat son, so why would you insist on drilling holes until we've sunk? the waters creeping in. we all wait for the same fate bruv, there's got to be better ways to get things done. the waters creeping in. like wild fire, it burns to the furthest ends. in this glow it's hard to know who is your friends. lock up the doors and get them shutter down tight. they're going to light it up tonight. we're forced to wait for the same fate bruv. there's got to be better ways


A little negativity spreads such a long way and can crumble the strongest of brains, so you better keep sane and keep moving on although your feet are wet through from all the pouring rain. just know you're going to feel low but the temperature is rising and the sun's on the horizon. you've got to have hope. you can't be getting upset that they are not getting back man, they've probably got their own plans and think you'll understand. they won't be counting on the sudden change of mood. nothing other than rude so roll up a joint and light, puff, that's a little better. given yourself a couple of minutes to think, get distracted by the weather and whether or not you decide to ride the storm/follow the guide/head for the shortcut. cut the nonsense, get some sense of self son, listen up. wait, take a couple of seconds to think and contemplate why it is they even bother to call you 'mate' when you can treat them like that. what happened to scratching backs? the time is past, you better think fast if you even want a slim chance of making it last. we're asking all the questions and learning all the lessons, making sure we're safe and sound again. you can never underestimate the power of the mind. given enough intelligent answers with some distance and time, it begins to fill the cracks and gets that love back once again. it's just hope that keeps us all going whenever we are feeling a little below, learning all the lessons and asking all the questions. making sure we're safe and sound again.

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